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Small Bussinesses; like convenience stores, supermarkets, bakeries, or small locales are always in constant risk. These risks can be prevented. Without a CCTV Surveillance Camera System, your store may be completely vulnerable.

The first thing these establishments need to mind are the entrances and exits; always being aware or alert of who’s entering or leaving the premises, and with what. Monitoring Entrance Protocols are widely known. In Security on the Spot we apply HIKVISION’S Light Filter Cameras. These offer a wider dynamic range than any other we offer, plus a triple exposure technology that is able to provide a clear and recognizable image in high contrast areas, and with it’s Smart Detection, it can choose a convenient exposure for proper identification. Monitoring Entrance also features Intrusion Detection, Object Removal Detection and Detailed Facial Imaging.

Monitoring Shopping Area is one of the most important elements of our Small Bussiness Surveillance designs. We always recommend High Definition Panoramic views for the shopping areas that are usually spacious and full of various stock; this way you can get a full perspective on every client and how your merchandise is being manipulated. For smaller areas, the indoor PTZ offers details and a high ratio optical zoom, also equiped with Smart technologies able to adapt to shopping areas, sample stations, large venues, amongst others. Together they make a great and safe team.

For Warehouse Monitoring, Retail Stores usually have a standard or principal warehouse, so at least one Security Dome Camera is recommended to watch all over your stock 24/7. This is partially apllied to Monitoring Parking Lots. Depending on the dimensions of your store and its parking areas, Multi Imaging cameras can be placed in order to cover the entire parking lot. No matter if it’s well lit, another PTZ camera can provide the image you need without any real lighting. The important thing is not to leave any space unnoticed or uncovered.

If you’re a retail salesman or an up-and-coming entrepeneur, don’t hesitate to contact us! We may appear on the Spot!

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