Restaurants Solutions

Nowadays there isn’t a single food establishment that doesn’t count on the aid of a CCTV Network and a proper Security System. Besides the fact that your venue is being protected, as well as your customers; the levels of efficiency it can contribute are enormous (staff supervision, evaluations of your workflow). Many of our clients have stated that their processes have been refined after constantly monitoring the employees and confronting them with new business models.

HIKVISION offers a wide variety of Indoor Cameras, destined for numerous options to monitor open (dining rooms, bar) and/or narrow (kitchen, cash register, refrigeration) areas, combining fisheye lenses with PTZ digital zoom cameras. Benefit from the advice of our experts and incorporate Hidden Cameras in strategic places; prevent and debug any in-house theft or poorly handled situations.

Monitoring POS (Point of Sale) is another meassure you can take to prevent and alert any irregularities regarding payment and sales. CCTV Surveillance Video is connected to the transaction data, so you can check the numbers while the cashier charges the client. All of the info is displayed in the NVR at real time, so you can playback or monitor any transaction you desire.

Monitor Your Production Process; it is pretty often in restaurants to have new staff that need training and have to get acustomed to your way of doing things; or maybe you hired a new chef that redesigns a whole new menu. This is a great way to know exactly what needs to be changed, upgraded or replaced. Municipal Health Codes are also a thing to constantly supervise.

Store all your footage with HIKVISION’s deluxe line of NVR Recorders. It displays up to 256 channels. Safeguard all your data and manage it with a real friendly and easy to use platform. Get started and achieve that next level of productivity you’re always looking for. Call Security on the Spot! We live for your success!

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