Face recognition access control terminal with a digital detection module, including 1PC UN-OET213H face recognition access control terminal and 1PC OEP-BTS1-NB digital detection module



Features Parameter Description
Operation System Linux
Face Recognition Accuracy Rate 99
Face Recognition Time 200ms
Face Capacity 10,000
Card Capacity 100,000
Storage Capacity 4GB
Event Capacity 30,000 (with images)
Measurement Range 30℃ – 45℃
Measurement Accuracy 0.1℃
Measurement Deviation 0.3℃
Measurement Distance 1cm-3cm
Authentication Mode Face Whitelist (1 N)
Face +Body temperature
Door Opening Method Face, Password, QR code, Card
Communication Mode 10/100Mbps adaptive network port
Card Type Mifare 1 Card
User Management Support user library addition, deletion, update
Record Management Support local recording and real-time upload
Interface LAN 1, Wiegand Input 1, Wiegand Output 1, RS485 1, Alarm Input 2, Alarm Output 1, USB2.0 1, Lock 1, Door Contact 1, Exit Button 1
Power Supply Input 12V 25  DC
Screen Touch Screen, Size:7 inch, Resolution: 600×1024
Camera Dual Lens, 2MP, 1080P
Supplement Light LED soft light and infrared light
Dimensions (L W H) For terminal : 134.0mm 33.0mm 305.0mm
Working Environment For terminal: 20 65 , Relative Humidly 95  (non-condensing)
Protection Level Both terminal and module: IP 54
Application Situation Indoor, No wind