1. Accurate Identification and Accountability Biometric systems provide more accurate identification, lowering your risk of unwanted breaches. With this type of security system, access is granted not by passwords or smart cards but by biological characteristics like iris scans or fingerprints which are difficult to duplicate or forge. This more accurate information helps with security as well as accountability. Logging activity through a biometric security system helps connect personnel with specific actions or events that can be referred to in the unfortunate case of a security breach. 2. Efficient biometric security system for an office Incorporating biometrics into your commercial security will save you time and money. Biometric security systems are designed with ease of use in mind and give you accurate results with minimal effort. With the right security system provider, installation of a biometric security system is easy and manageable with simple, straightforward training. Biometric identification functions very quickly, typically identifying an employee or visitor in a matter of seconds. This helps keep productivity steady while also keeping your business secure. 3. Convenient and Versatile Biometric security systems are very convenient for both those using it and those managing it. For employees and other personnel, it’s considerably easier to use biometric identification rather than remembering passwords or keeping a badge or identification card on their person at all times. It’s also much more convenient for those managing the system, as they don’t have to worry about resetting passwords or changing ID cards or badges. Biometric security systems are also quite versatile, with a range of biometric scanners available to be used for various applications. They can be utilized in a range of security checkpoints such as entrances and exits, doorways to high-security areas, and more. 4. Scalable As your business develops and grows, it’s important to have systems in place that can scale with the growth of your business. Biometric security systems are flexible and easily scalable. Whether you want to secure more areas of your facility or just add more data for additional employees, biometric security systems will grow alongside your business for ease and security. 5. Profitable The return on investment (ROI) on a biometric security system is very high. For one, it’s much more effective at avoiding fraud than most security systems, protecting your business from potentially catastrophic breaches – according to IBM’s 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, the global average cost of a data breach is almost $4 million.

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