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Our Wireless Security Camera Systems for the Industrial and Commercial Area are not just for safety and storage control, but for enhancing productivity and keeping the quality of the services you provide.

HIK VISION’s IP Cameras always result in flexible and Smart solutions, producing high resolution imaging with low light visibility. Special for large corporations and industrial activities that need to use large storage spaces and gather a significant amount of employees and/or technicians. First of all, by filtering the human resource and guarding the company from unauthorized personnel and vehicles, result in a steady workflow.

That is why we offer Entrance Management. Equiped with Smart IP Cameras and a ANPR Module, all Vehicle Access is completely automated. License Plate Recognition via Smart Cams, to the extent of scanning the color of the vehicle and its driver. An alarm or alert is to be expected whenever any irregularities should arise in any motorized area. This same methodology is applied to Parking Lot Monitoring and Restricted Area Alert, or No Parking Zone.

With the Perimeter Protection System you are able to predict or prevent any potential security hazard, theft, sabotage, and any novelty that may arise within a 200mt range. Smart Detection Technologies are included.

Protect your stock 24/7: the life and value of your commercial activity. As all CCTV Networks for commercial usage, nightshot and infrared IP cameras are specially used when monitoring warehouses, stock housing and/or Factory machinery, this way you can keep a permanent record of your stock in real time.

With HIKVISION’S indoor cameras with large diafragm aperture lens, like the Dark Fighter, your stock and equipment will be highly guarded. Often combined with Fisheye cameras, the pair provide a 360 degrees panoramic view of your entire warehouse, using the Dark Fighter as a complement for details or blind spots .

Both technologies function as a complement to each other, controlled in Smart mode via click and zoom.

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